Gabor Zay


As part of Sentis' programming and web development team, Gabor creates custom online reporting platforms. He combines logic, creativity and intuition to enhance the functionality of our reporting sites and optimize the user experience. He works collaboratively with portal project managers to ensure that portals are built to specification and delivered on-time.

In addition to developing portals, Gabor works closely with our Data Analysis team, programming surveys and producing cross-tabulations.

Gabor also has an interest in compilers (who doesn't these days?), natural language processing, block-chain technology (huh?) and the future of the worldwide web.

Areas of expertise: front-end portal development, online survey programming, data analysis and tabulation.

In his spare time Gabor can be found adventuring atop the local mountains or disassembling pretty much everything in sight, and sometimes even putting things back together with no extra pieces.

Gabor earned a BSc in Computer Science at Simon Fraser University.

Ask Gabor about... being himself.

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