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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Stay focused on building strong customer relationships and delivering exemplary service.

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Employee Surveys

Engage your team and create a culture they'll thrive in.

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Market Research

Get the intel you need to position your brand and outdo the competition.

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Data Collection & Reporting Tools

Use the best tools to listen, learn and take action.

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Customer Relationship Management

Stay focused on building strong customer relationships and delivering exemplary service.

Customer Voice (VOC)

Sentis Voice of the Customer (VOC) programs track customer experience across touchpoints, share-of-wallet across product lines, and organizational performance on leading indicators, including NPS and First-to-Consider.

Results help you maintain strong relationships with your most loyal customers and mitigate risk among vulnerable customers.

Sentis benchmarks and norms show you where you stand against your competitors.

Transaction Follow-Up

We conduct post-transaction surveys to measure service performance on specific transactions.

Customers are surveyed as soon as possible after the transaction. We quickly put the results in the hands of managers who use them to resolve problems, make targeted improvements, and reward high-performing staff.

We place particular emphasis on identifying and closing service gaps for higher involvement transactions that have a larger financial impact on the organization.

The Sentis Customer Experience Payback model calculates the ROI on service excellence – i.e., the business generated from returning customers and customer recommendations attributable to exceptional customer service.

Target Setting

We help organizations set performance targets. We start by looking at your historical and current scores, and identify what's achievable in the shorter and longer term.

Some things are harder to move than others, so we work with management teams to develop smart performance targets that take this into account. For example, scores for website U/X should be relatively easy to move if the right enhancements have been made. However, a Net Promotor Score (NPS) is harder to move because it is based on a wide range of factors.

If you become smart at target setting, you won't become target practice at your next management meeting..!

Mystery Shopping/Price Audits

Our team of mystery shoppers assesses service performance across all customer touch-points.

For on-site shops, each shopper uses a smartphone to record ratings and images which are uploaded to a central reporting site in real-time.

Our team conducts mystery shops in a variety of sectors including transportation, retail and financial services.

Sentis also conducts price audits to provide clients with up-to-date intel on competitor pricing, discounts, and special offers.

Employee Surveys

Engage your team and create a culture they'll thrive in.

Employee Engagement & Well-Being

Sentis has a clear focus when it comes to employee engagement and well-being: Help our clients really understand what's happening with their employees and then provide the advice necessary to move the needle.

We have a track record of producing meaningful change. Some outcomes:

  • Better employee selection: our segmentation model is used to modify the employee screening process and screen out candidates who won't fit the culture.
  • Effective change management: we help clients develop communication practices so that employees are more likely to embrace organizational change.
  • Creating a safety culture: we highlight gaps in safety awareness and training that lead to a greater organizational focus on workplace safety.

Sentis also conducts the National Workforce Engagement Study among a representative sample of Canadian workers. This study provides a standardized benchmark against which individual companies gauge their performance, as well as identifies trends overall and differences by sector.

Customer & Employee Voice Linkage

The interaction between employees and customers impacts the engagement of both groups – and this directly impacts organizational performance. This is because when employees provide customers with a service, that shared experience can be rewarding for both groups – resulting in positive results for the organization in the form of a motivated and committed workforce and a loyal and growing customer base.

This is why Sentis conducts analyses to illustrate the linkage between employee and customer engagement, and the extent to which each business unit within the organization is 'in sync' – e.g., have both high employee and customer engagement. We provide guidance that helps bring 'out of sync' business units back into alignment.

Consultation & Ideation Workshops

We often run workshops as a follow-up to engagement surveys, to help turn results in to action.

We work with senior leaders to establish priorities for action, with managers to develop plans for implementation, and with frontline staff to determine how best to implement action plans.

Industry Wage & Benefits Benchmarks

We conduct surveys that help HR mangers set competitive wage levels, and design effective benefits packages. Clients use our reports to stay abreast of trends in compensation and total rewards.

Market Research

Get the intel you need to position your brand and outdo the competition.

Brand Health & Positioning

Sentis' Brand Advisor model maps your brand’s health relative to competitors and gives you a clear roadmap for strengthening your brand’s equity. Brand Advisor predicts consumer choice — the ultimate measure of brand health — by capturing relative brand performance, brand affinity and customer constraints at the individual respondent level. Brand Advisor also guides positioning by gauging consumer impressions of the brand across both functional (rational) dimensions and emotional dimensions.

Advertising & Communications Effectiveness

Sentis AdScan is a complete advertising campaign evaluation tool, operationalizing campaign effectiveness as a combination of recall, message delivery, and audience connection across media channels.

We benchmark campaigns against comparable campaigns rather than relying on "norms" to measure campaign effectiveness.

AdScan is used to evaluate campaigns in a range of sectors, including financial services, retail, insurance, and automotive.

Market Understanding & Segmentation

We give clients the intelligence they need to make decisions about launching new products and entering new markets.

We bring market conditions and competitive factors to bear on the research so that our recommendations are based on all relevant data — not just survey data.

We help you allocate resources and target communications by segmenting customers according to their different needs, motivations and habits.

Data Collection & Reporting Tools

Use the best tools to listen, learn and take action.

Quantitative Methods

Test drive our online survey platform

Sentis designs, programs and administers online surveys to client-supplied lists, or to the over 500,000 online panel members we have access to in Canada and the over one million we have access to in the U.S.

We use the same software for online and CATI programming, making mixed-mode easy to execute. All surveys are optimized for completion by smartphone or tablet.

All of our online surveys are hosted on Canadian servers.

Sentis operates a 16-station telephone survey center in downtown Vancouver.

We survey consumers, citizens, students, government employees, association members, business managers, senior executives, and other professional groups.

We survey in multiple languages including Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Punjabi and French.

Sometimes regular mail is the best way to reach and obtain a representative sample. We send an invitation letter to a representative sample of consumers, and invite them to complete our survey online – or by calling in to our call centre.

This method is a great alternative to telephone surveys which no longer can be relied upon to produce reliable samples.

We conduct on-site surveys in locations across Canada.

You’ll find our on-site staff conducting surveys at shopping malls, convention centres, at transit stations, on transit vehicles, and at major events and festivals.

Qualitative Methods

To learn more about Sentis’ Focus Group and IDI capabilities, contact Managing Partner, Adam DiPaula or Research Director, Ayden Verhulst.

Our in-house moderators have long track records conducting insight-generating focus groups. We conduct focus groups to test new product concepts, gauge reactions to advertising and brands, and explore what drives support for a range of public policy issues. We conduct focus groups across Canada with consumers, voters, employees, executives and other professional populations.

Online focus groups and bulletin boards have many of the same advantages as in-person focus groups: a moderator facilitates the discussion; participants can dialogue with each other; responses are probed; clients can watch the group; full transcripts are produced.

Participants can be easily recruited over a wide geographical area. You can engage participants over several days to encourage more thoughtful responses and to give moderators and clients time to adapt probes and questions as appropriate.

Our qualitative team conducts in-depth interviews among customers, employees, program participants, managers, executives, and health professionals, among other groups.

Sentis now offers focus groups at its downtown Vancouver location and live streams the sessions for clients to observe are our offices or from the comfort of their own computers.

The location, flexibility and audio/video quality of the live stream has made this a popular option.

Online Reporting Platforms

Sentis’ custom online reporting platforms (portals) allow you to share results quickly at all levels of the organization to evaluate, track, improve and reward performance. Our platforms are designed by researchers who know what’s important, how to measure it, how to visualize it and how to maintain the confidentiality and security of all data.

Our portals provide the basics and the not-so-basics. Some of the things you can do with our solution:

  • Specify custom views and filters showing trends across time and comparisons between segments
  • Drill down hierarchies to understand what’s happening at different levels of the organization
  • Automate alerts to quickly address customer complaints or issues
  • Mine text based on key words, phrases and context
  • Combine results from multiple survey programs into one site that serves as a central hub for projects
  • Integrate with any API – e.g., Salesforce, Survey Monkey, Facebook

To learn more about Sentis’ online reporting platforms and some of the new things we’re working on, contact Managing Partner, Julie Winram.

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