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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Stay focused on building strong customer relationships and delivering exemplary service.

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Employee Surveys

Engage your team and create a culture they'll thrive in.

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Market Research

Get the intel you need to position your brand and outdo the competition.

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Data Collection & Reporting Tools

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Online Discussion Boards


Julie Winram

ODBs are a highly flexible and user-friendly option for qualitative research.

They allow for detailed discussions that would otherwise overwhelm a conventional focus group.

The platforms support large group facilitation while also enabling one-on-one discussions.

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Segments & Personas in a Changing World


Julie Winram

Marketers have long used segmentation to better understand, reach and serve their customers. The idea is to divide the market into useful groups, identify your target segments, and tailor the products, prices, service experience, channels and messaging to resonate with those segments.

However, marketers are increasingly finding that traditional ways of segmenting consumers – by demographics, behaviours, projected value or psychographics – have grown less useful over time. Two factors are to blame: Consumers are becoming less fixed in terms of who they are and how they behave, and digital marketers are increasingly able to micro-target consumers as individuals rather than as groups.

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Want to Enhance your Employee Well-Being?


Adam DiPaula

Measuring employee well-being became popular when it became clear that there’s a strong relationship between well-being and a range of factors that impact an organization’s performance. These include productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism, benefits plan utilization and retention. The big challenge is to create the conditions that foster positive employee well-being.

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